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Berry Velvet Cake


It’s not acceptable to write “berry” 50 times to describe this cake, but it’d be the most accurate description. Our deep red velvet cake is a buoyant burst of berry, from the first inhalation to the last crumb you sneak off the plate. Cream cheese frosting is a classic for a reason, so we’ve kept it here. Frankly, it’s berrylicious! 

8 inch suits 10-14 serves

10 inch suits 14-18 serves

We ask you take your cake out of refrigeration 2 hours prior to serving!

Berry Velvet FR egg, water, sugar, Flour, cocoa, potato flour, milk solids, salt, raising agents (450, 500), natural flavour, colour (120), vegetable oil, natural raspberry flavour. Icing - Cream Cheese, Butter, Icing Sugar, Lemon Juice, Freeze Dried Berries