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Chocolate Rough


If you know anything about Cremorne Street Bakers, you know we take chocolate cake very seriously. It’s hard to improve on the original, but we take a deviation in homage of the humble coconut rough. A considered amount of coconut throughout the lusciously light cake, which is topped with rich chocolate icing and a white chocolate coconut shard. It’s dark and moody, and a dusting of gold sugar and cachous make it stand out from the crowd.

 Order per 6 minimum          

Ingredients: - Sugar, flour, water, oil, cocoa, chocolate, vanilla, cream, baking soda, GF baking powder, salt, coconut, coconut flavour, Callebait white chocolate

Our bakery environment contains many potential allergens (egg, dairy, gluten, nuts & seeds). Whilst every care is taken our products may therefore contain traces of these allergens.